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Desert Fire Cacti Februaryskulking through the swelling peace and fire of  the desert.

Fearing that someone, somewhere, is drowning in something they have mistaken for happiness, or rain.


from the Greek ἔρημος Ä“remos, signifying “desert”, “uninhabited”, hence “desert-dweller”
This suffix has come to mean “inflammation of” but originally it meant “pertaining to” or “of the”
The fear that, out there, somewhere, someone is happy

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2 bits of lovely banter on “hermititus”

  1. Madame Defarge writes:

    I suspect thst the person challenged by happiness will rarely be me.



  2. Mary writes:

    itis refers to inflammation while itus is going or a departure. With that, this nitwit (my anti-spam word) has a fear of going to the desert to be happy. Instead I will stay in the rain and be miserable.



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