Doctor 8

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While studying for my Doctorate I saw the talented Dr. Robert  and marvelled at his ability to complete a Doctorate so young.   In those days I used to confuse optimistic love songs with optimistic political songs.

Still do

Nursing a heavily chaffed-heart under a recent piercing, a 100% cotton vest and an outsized mohair jumper.   Yet  I still managed to believe this song was a rallying call to vote against Margaret Thatcher rather than an optimisitic  love song.   Planet Wendy can be pretty twisty at times.

Most times

The Blow Monkeys sang It doesn’t have to be this way

Doctor 8
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Doctor 8”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    …and a sax!
    Wow, this took me back.



  2. Tim writes:

    Dr House, I presume.

    Hells bells you are a mighty clever lady. I have a sudden sense of inadequacy in your cyber presence, therefore in an effort to catch up with the Joneses, can I point out that I can cook a mean beans on toast, without cheese; and occasionaly boil an egg, without samonella.

    On more serious note I am afraid our musical tastes divulge, Blow Monkeys was not a fave.

    PS Before you think, or say, it – Most of the time its with samonella



  3. :: Wendy :: writes:

    S, the ‘sax’ blog post tag was invented especially for you :-). I’ve discovered that the songs I love normally have one in there somewhere…

    Tim, yes there is a Dr. (in the) Wendy House. I suspect our taste’s will diverge quite a bit, I remember the Blow Monkeys were not appreciated by the trendy folk I knew. Great live performer and fabulous music…. good luck with the cooking….



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