crazy sheep

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Term of endearment or insult?   Sometimes it can be difficult to tell.  

The first time my college roomate from Sheffield called me a ‘Mardy cow’,   apart from having to ask her what ‘mardy’ was, I was a tad offended.    No-one had ever called me a  ‘cow’  , to my face, before.   Clearly I’d had a sheltered youth.   My  Sheffield room-mate quickly put my right on this one,   cow is a term of endearment.      Apparantly ‘Mardy Cow’ was an affectionate expression to convey her extreme disappointment that I wasn’t going to be joining her for an evening of heavy metal music appreciation.   Not really my bag.  

I’d rather be a crazy sheep listening to the likes of curiosity killed the cat,   I can’t help admiring the lyrics and  behatted lankey body movements of the rather charming Ben.   But not my room-mates cup of tea.   I called her a mardy cow and she replied by demonstrating how her long hair accentuated the head-banging experience.   Excellent.

Curiosity killed the cat sang Misfit

crazy sheep
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