Sniffing sockets

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The TV remote isn’t working….

No, Wait.    it’s the  TV that isn’t working…

Oh,   actually its the socket that isn’t working….

Hang on,   its the ring-ciruit that isn’t working.  

Ah,   the fuse flipped while I was out.   Probably some freak lightening storm over the Wendy House.   Wish I’d seen that!  

During the diagnostic process I discover that the Wendy House has at least two separate electric rings in the front room alone!    

BANG!   the fuse flips again.   No lightening storm in range.   Odd.    I flip the fuse  back on  

BANG the fuse flips again.    Darn, its clearly broken and not fixing itself.   I call dad who walks me through a cunning diagnostic process that includes sniffing sockets and plugs,   switching various things on and off.   Using dad’s excellent problem-sourcing strategy I find the wiring of one socket is causing the banging.  

With  a message left on an electricians answer machine I’m about to discover the joys of having my sockets seen to.   I’m rather looking forward to it,   aren’t you?

Sniffing sockets
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Sniffing sockets”

  1. Bux writes:

    Oh Wendy….sounds electrifying! I do hope that electrician doesn’t leave you with the hairs standing up on the back of your neck (well, depending on how good looking he is, that could well be a good thing ho hum).

    I’m so glad to be back off my holidays to be able to post lavatorial humour style comments on your blog – especially when the anti spam word happens to be ‘lavatory’

    Me….obsessed with your anti spam word generator…you bet!



  2. Kevin writes:

    My anti-spam word’s “spanking”…




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