We came. We Swooped. We are camping.

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We came. We Swooped. We are camping. is the slogan on the bottom of Robin Parr’s  ‘climate camp’ blog post.    This Bank Holiday weekend there is a climate change protest in London.   It’s a very British form of protest.   Camping.    It’s a protest against capitalism.   From their site:

the Climate Exchange is the system’s European stock market – must be exposed for the dangerous global financial game which it is. Carbon trading has not and will not reduce emissions. It simply makes corporations richer and allows governments to put on a charade that they are doing something about climate change.

A blog post on the Guardian cites the ‘Whitechapel Anarchist Group’ as complaining about the event,   not because the cause is inappropriate but because the the protesters are inappropriate:

many of the protesters at the camp are middle class students and graduates who are about as revolutionary as the Scouts

I love that this form of protesting, camping-out, enables anyone to participate,   because everyone should have a voice.   With as many as 1 in 6 households    in Britian not containing anyone who is ‘working’,   there are plenty of people excluded by the capitalist system.

We came. We Swooped. We are camping.
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3 bits of lovely banter on “We came. We Swooped. We are camping.”

  1. Morton Shadow writes:

    My goodness – that’s rich! The Grauniad complaining about people being too middle class and not revolutionary enough. I’ll remember that, next time I’m throwing darts at Hugh Firmly Wittgenstein’s “how to braise whole one of the bison you’ve just pegged whilst out shooting in the back garden of my vast country estate” cookery columns…





  2. Nicky writes:

    I hear its all very civilised in a nice part of town



  3. kevin writes:

    I couldn’t help laughing at the photos of the climate campers having fag breaks. Obviously they don’t spot the connection between climate change and clearing great swathes of woodland for to grow tobacco that’s then shipped overseas for somebody to set fire to…



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