the BBC are sorry

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BBC are sorryDue to temporary failure of satelite connections the BBC announced that they were sorry for the interuption in our reception of thier programming.

In my day the BBC used a collection of strangely engaging short media clips to entertain viewers during program interruption,   called ‘interludes’, accompanied by classical music.   These media clips included watching a potter potting,   a spinner spinning (wool,   not exercise) and the slightly more cute kitten-playing:

the BBC are sorry
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3 bits of lovely banter on “the BBC are sorry”

  1. Morton Shadow writes:



    Not only cute as they come, Wend, but also considerably
    more entertaining than 99.9999% of current BBC output!

    (The footage of the cat was quite nice too…)





  2. kevin writes:

    Hooray! The kittens. Sod the scheduled programme.



  3. Pink Duck writes:

    Your post caused me to add another rule to my Firefox Greasemonkey plugin, so thanks 🙂
    “thier” -> “their”



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