Anglo Saxon is not European – Shock!

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European or Anglo Saxon?   Mutually exclusive groups?

A European Union  funded research project called investigating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes the companies that participated in their research as being either:

  • North European
  • South European
  • Anglo Saxon

(e.g. table 18 page 49  in Final Report)

Do you think they included some USA registered US English speaking  companies and labeled them Anglo Saxon?  

How would they classify a company with its Headquarters in the Netherlands that uses Anglo Saxon English as its main business language,   North, South or Anglo Saxon?  

How did they label  any companies registered in Northern Germany  –  pure Saxon? or did they exclude them?

Does ‘Eastness’ and ‘Westness’ not make a difference?   Given the radical differences of the social philosophy influenceing Western and Eastern European countries I would have suspected differences in their attitudes, behaviours and sesitivity to ladybird stings.

Time for another cup of tea.

This is an example of the type of thing that keeps me entertained and (un)productive during a normal working day.   What works for you?

Anglo Saxon is not European – Shock!
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Anglo Saxon is not European – Shock!”

  1. kevin writes:

    I usually find that “North European” = Scandinavian & Baltic States; “Anglo-Saxon” = UK and Germany, with Holland if it feels like it and Austria when it can be bothered; “South European” = everybody else, including unlikely candidates like Poland and the Ukraine. I think it’s based on the public transport systems.
    (p.s. serious thanks for the link. Who’d have thought?)



  2. Oranjepan writes:

    I remember being in the pub once when someone tried to explain to me the difference between the spirit belt, the beer belt and the wine belt. By the state of him he’d travelled through all three very quickly.
    Not that going to the pub is the kind of thing which keeps me entertained during the day – a nice cup of tea is by far my preference. Maybe with a custard cream or two.



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