facilitated footwear

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Wendy:   I want Oxblood red please!

Conkers footwear facilitator (CFF): You can have any of these colours, you can have different colours for different feet, different colours for different sections of the boot, what would you like?

Wendy: Oh, Oh, OH,   purple, no green, no this electric blue,   no brown.   Oh!   …   um,   Oxblood red please..

Conkers, TotnessI discovered Conkers shoes in the summer of 1986.   discovered after having been sent there by a bouncy student friend from Newton Abbot who’s boots I couldn’t help but admire.   By the time I found Conkers  they were 9 years old and had a small shop at the top of Totnes High street.

They now have a larger shop half way up  Totnes High street. As a student I couldn’t afford the luxury of a well made, durable, easy to repair, natural tree-rubber soled, funky coloured, personalised pair of shoes. I sulked and promised myself that when I had a job I would come back and treat myself.   I’ve had one job or another for nearly 20 years.   This week I went back to Totnes and now I have a pair of boots being made-up to fit.   I suspect I will be back again…   for purple, or green, or…

facilitated footwear
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3 bits of lovely banter on “facilitated footwear”

  1. Mr London St writes:

    Totnes! So jealous.

    If you happen to pop into Kingsbridge I’ll have some hog’s pudding from Lydstones, the butcher at the top of the hill.

    I’ll make it worth your while. I’ve got money.



  2. Scarlet writes:

    Do you remember the boots that had rainbows and sunsets painted on them? There was a shop in Glastonbury, or it may have been Shaftesbury – either way, I had the same experience – if I see them again I will buy a pair for the younger me who couldn’t afford them at the time.



  3. Jude Browne writes:

    Came across the ‘Conker’ shoe shop this summer and just HAD to enter. Now the proud owner of a gorgeous pair of boots in green & terracotta. Problem is…..what colour will my next pair be? Lovely comfy boots requiring no ‘wearing in’



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