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Google analytics provides a ‘site overlay’ that shows your website with in-place click-through statistics.   A geek like me will spend time wandering through such statistics saying ‘oOOoooo‘   and ‘Aaah‘ and ‘what does it all  mean?
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For 4 weeks,   September 2009, Google analytics says that I had 4,681 ‘visits’.  

I rashly infer that visitors want to know something about who is writing this nonsense (8.1% on who’s wendy) or are interested in finding food (0.3%), or why I’m bothering to write about anything at all (0.2%).   Some people consider whether to comment, or why I might consider stopping people from publishing their commentson my blog, (0.1%).  

More than no-one,   some-one,   is interested in who inspired me to blog ( >0.0%) while no-one wants to  sign-up to receive notifications of my posting in thier RSS reader.

Here’s what Google Analytics says, in numbers, about what visitors click on:

  • Scribbles (The Wendy House home page) = 5.9%
  • Who’s Wendy = 8.1%
  • Why Scribble = 0.2%
  • Comment control = 0.1%
  • Food foraging = 0.3%
  • Credits =   > 0.0%
  • RSS = 0%

I prefer the notion of ‘somone’ over the numerical representation of more than no-one  (> 0.0) looked at who I credit with inspiring my blogging.   The relationship between significant (meaning) and signifiers (often numbers) is frequently obscure and sometimes misleading.

Ho hum

more than no-one
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3 bits of lovely banter on “more than no-one”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    My sitemeter tells me that my visitors are mostly looking for smeg.



  2. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Oh Miss S!
    Are you able to point them to a supplier?



  3. Brian writes:

    I was surprised to read in my RSS reader that nobody had subscribed to your RSS feed. I didn’t want to be no-one so I subscribed again in the hope of giving you a >0.0% statistic.



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