Where are my teeth?

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I know I was wearing them at lunch because I ate  my cheese sandwich.  

The teeth are old,   not as old as me. They don’t fit aswell as when they were new.    In January I lost my job.   No more  health insurance.   55  unemployed in Warren, Pensylvania.  No  new jobs.  Without a job I  don’t have health insurance, or money,  to replace the old teeth.   Without teeth I can only eat soft food.  

While looking for a job,    trying not to spend money, trying to stay warm, I spent my days in the library.

The Library!  

Warren LibraryI must have left my teeth at the Library.    The woman who had sat opposite,  draped in gold jewelry and plastered in 3 coats of make-up, complained  about the sound of my sucking my teeth.   I stopped sucking my teeth –  I took  them out.   Hah!   I placed them on the table where the over-sensitive rich bitch could see them.     She moved tables,   I lost myself in a book then forgot about my teeth.

Before breakfast I went back to the Library to  pick them up.   The Librarian winced as she told me she found my teeth.   She threw them out last night  because of  what she called ‘cleanliness concerns‘.   False teeth can be cleaned! Steam, disinfectant, take your pick, what do they teach Librarians at school these days?    I searched the bins at the back of the Library,   the bins weren’t clean.   No teeth.   That librarians ‘cleanliness concerns’ has turned my diet to mush.    Mush   until my money completely runs out,   then who knows what will happen to me.    Maybe I too will be binned for cleanliness concerns.

Where are my teeth?
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  1. kevin writes:

    A librarian. Throwing anything away, however old and unsavoury! It is to laugh!



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