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Wandering around the stunningly topiaried gardens of a stately seat in Kent.  There some some significant, and in significant, discoveries:

  • a pole dancing topiary bear
  • a Virgin balloon full of hot stagnent air
  • Woodwormed Jacobean panels beside a spiral stair
  • Ms Scarlet’s radical stealth mohican-style crop of not-ginger hair
  • some bushes (not Scarlet’s)


rate wendys scribble

3 bits of lovely banter on “snippets”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    It’s amazing what goes on beneath a big bush [or not so big bush].
    Clever topiary.



  2. Bux writes:

    this one made me laugh out loud Wendy, I’m sure Ms Scarlet is bushing, erm…I mean blushing.




  3. kevin writes:

    splendid stuff!



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