phone sanitizers

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In my day,   before personal cell phones,   there would be one phone in any household, if you were Lucky.   All incoming calls came through this one, shared, phone.    In our house the parents answered the phone until, as teenagers, our friends  started to call us (rather than their parents calling our parents).  

Shared phone

Skillfullly avoiding parental or sibling interview of people calling-in  was tricky.   It is a skill today’s youngsters have not had to learn.       The role of  phone sanitizers has also been reduced by the relative lack of phone sharing.   I can’t remember the last time I called a number then asked ‘Is [name] there?

Department S sang Is Vic there?

phone sanitizers
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2 bits of lovely banter on “phone sanitizers”

  1. Nicky writes:

    Vic is probably with Gail rubbing Andy’s chest (xref soap)



  2. Rob writes:

    Haven’t been around here a while so have just read this.
    Over the weekend I was franctically searching over ‘tinternet for Main T
    Posse’s Fickle Public Speaking (which I once had on 12″) and the follow
    up “Cruising the Serpentine”. Also watched Mr Toulouse strutting his
    stuff to Fickle Public on Youtube. Wasn’t he just the coolest dude evah!



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