internet like toothpaste – IT pro said so

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IT Professional:   can you get the internet into your computer?

Wendy:   Into your computer?!!   please, can I blog that ?

IT Professional:   yeah sure,   it can be like getting toothpaste back into the tube

The IT professionals here have a wonderfully colourful way of describing the technology in non-technical terms.   Especially colourful if they have scottish accents which, strangely, most of them seem to have.

internet like toothpaste – IT pro said so
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2 bits of lovely banter on “internet like toothpaste – IT pro said so”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Can I get the internet into my toothpaste tube?



  2. wendy writes:

    Ms. S, I suspect you’ll need gravity to help the internet go down



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