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The wendywheel is a new firework. For fireworks night.   tonight.   Have fun, take care and a responsible adult.

When lit the whendywheel sits inactive for an indeterminate period,   do not make the mistake of thinking that it has gone-out,   this little cracker likes to  deliver a suprise start.  

The suprise start is fast, loud, colourful  and short.    Somewhat like the experience of falling-over mixed with an exploding balloon and halogen floodlights.  

Scrapping sound.   the suprise start is followed by a scrapping sound as the wheel travels along the ground.   Much like the sound of a bicycle being dragged along the road in the wheels of an articulated lorry.

Planet Wendy.   Like many people you thought it was all over when the articulated lorry squished the pushbike.   But no.   after a short silence the wendywheel whirlwinds its way to planet wendy like a snake climbing  a tree at 3000x its natural speed with the friction creating a host of green snake-scale sparks that cascade over the crowd left behind wishing that they too had a ticket to spiral up to planet wendy.

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4 bits of lovely banter on “wendywheel”

  1. Nicky writes:

    holiday, birthday and fireworks all in the same month, are you going to explode? Where are the excitement levels?



  2. kevin writes:

    Planet Wendy is obviously illuminated with earthly lights and photonic spectacle. We shall wave treacle toffee wrappers and sing “Bananas in Pyjamas”



  3. scarlet writes:

    I shall bring some scarlet sparklers to the party and write scarlet prose in the sky.



  4. St Jude writes:

    Well the Wendy wheel certainly sounds like fun!



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