champers with that?

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Mr Men Cup CakesThe day after my outstandingly fabulous Birthday party:

Spotty dog:   last night you said you were going to give up drinking, become a vergetarian, start cooking and join a gym

Wendy:   gosh,   I was in a good mood,   you realise this is a progressive plan,   one thing at a time,   each is conditional upon achieving the step before,   do you want a glass of champers with the mister man cup cake?

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3 bits of lovely banter on “champers with that?”

  1. Jennifer writes:

    Good grief! You were awful ambitious… I think I only promised not to start putting lipstick on OUTSIDE of my lips yet. (YET!)

    Happy birthday!



  2. wendy writes:

    I went to a ‘Cure’ tribute band night, where lipstick is allowed outside of your lips, so its already way too late for me in that department. There is some doubt about my ability to deliver on any of these promises within the next duo-decade.



  3. Oranjepan writes:

    don’t mention lipstick to me… whenever I see people wearing it I have an urge to see it get smudged (though what method I’d employ varies widely from person to person)!



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