with tree and me

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Tiger: you were sat under your tree
Wendy: my tree?
Tiger: In Kingfisher field
Wendy: the copper beech?
Tiger: yes.   before I came to call for you, first  I would come by the field and look under the tree because you were often there,   you did a lot of your exam revision under the tree
Wendy: yes, I remember now. The tree was very helpful.   A calm, wise tree.   A girl’s got to develop a strong bond with a well established tree during her formative years. I had completely forgotten it.
Tiger:   Oh, Honey,   you are SO fickle

Salisbury CathedralThis blog post was bought to you courtesy of a cellular connection infront of Salisbury cathedral on a sunny September saturday courtesy of the letter T,   the colour green, and the shade of a conker tree.   Another day, another tree. Some things don’t change, other things change frequently.  Perhaps it’s time to find  a tree in Reading…

with tree and me
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2 bits of lovely banter on “with tree and me”

  1. kevin writes:

    there’s a lot to be said for a decent walnut tree



  2. Madame Defarge writes:

    I had a big tree in my Gran’s back garden. My mother climbed it, I climbed it. Always had a strong bond with mine.



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