Muhammad ‘Ali Mosque

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Saladin Citadel - Muhammad 'Ali Mosque
Saladin Citadel - Muhammad 'Ali Mosque
Saladin Citadel - Muhammad 'Ali Mosque

Above Cairo, within the Saladin citadel, sits the Ottoman style  Muhammad ‘Ali Mosque  (1848).   An ornate structure that provides water for washing before prayer sits in the centre of an quadrangle.   The huge prayer room is lit by hundreds of low-energy light bulbs in glass jars that may once have held candles.   Tourists  glide around using flash photography with blue plastic boots covering their shoes.    I followed my muslim guide’s example and removed my shoes.

Outside the mosque is a panorama across the city.   If you listen carefully you can hear the peep-peep-peeping of the traffic below….

Muhammad ‘Ali Mosque
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  1. Oranjepan writes:

    Shocking – filming a major religious centre and you didn’t get questioned for planning a terrorist attack… it wouldn’t happen in England!



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