snow-stranded faerie tales

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At the Elephant Hotel, Pangbourne, the guests stranded by the suddent, unexpected, snowfall share stories of how they came to be at this hotel

Formerly Handsome Other Guest (FHOG): (slurred) I wanted to bring the truck out tonight,   but my wife wanted to come in the Merc

wendy: (snigger)

FHOG: So we came in the Merc because I always have to do what she says (slurred with a venemous undertone)

FHOG: but she’s admitted she was wrong this time, for the first time in 10 years marriage she’s admitted she was wrong (triumphant venemous overtones with a hint of over-exaggeration.   Yuck)

Snoqualmie Pass Lodgingswendy: I drove  my little  Honda civic automatic up the Cascade moutains in Western Washington  to a ski resort during a snow storm.   But then, my alternative was a bicycle not a truck

FHOG: this is my mother….

Reminder to self – a black polo-neck jumper,  stylish set of spectacles and slim build do not predict good-heartedness.   Sometimes I’m such a  slow learner.

snow-stranded faerie tales
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3 bits of lovely banter on “snow-stranded faerie tales”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Slow is good especially on black ice.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Wendy!



  2. Abi writes:

    It’s better to live in hope for the goodness in others even if it doesn’t always turn out the way you would like. Merry Christmas!



  3. kevin writes:

    The black polo-neck jumper should have been the warning. They’ve all been appropriated by people who want to be film baddies.



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