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I dreampt a poem, it didn’t rhyme or have rythm, it wasnt a love poem, a funny poem or an action adventure poem.   It was a short story:

A person experiencing trouble writing poetry phoned  the poetry support line.    

we offer a non judgemental listening service for poets suffering from extreme distress   Through tears  the poet  described his pain,   all the rhymes had been used before by other, better, poets.   People that heard his poetry, smirked or even  laughed at his serious poems, looked baffled by his funny poems and fell asleep during his epic adventure poems.   For months now he had been unable to show anyone his poems.   Nothing worked, he had failed as a poet.   He’d even tried Haiku. There was no point, he was going to give up.  

We are here to listen.   After a short silence the poet read the last poem he had written then described all it’s shortcomings while he shed a few tears, then thanked the listener for not criticing his poem and for not pretending that the poem was better than it actually was.   He felt better now, thankyou, goodnight.


poetry support line
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  1. kevin writes:

    I want that ‘phone number!!!



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