pleasing the knights who say Ni


Magnolia  StellataChristmas bought a  Magnolia Stellata.   It is  1ft tall.    If left unpruned it will grow 5ft in 10 years and mature to a hieght of about 10ft

It is a SHRUB*!

(*or a tree)

The Wendy House garden has attracted many shrubs since last autumn when the  low maintenance patio was broken into by a range of muddy borders.  

The Wendy House garden has become one large SHRUBBERY.   This gardening direction will please the knights

King Arthur meets the knights who say Ni

pleasing the knights who say Ni
rate wendys scribble

3 bits of lovely banter on “pleasing the knights who say Ni”

  1. kevin writes:

    My sister’s old place had a lovely Magnolia stellata in the front garden, about thirty years old, twelve foot high and ten foot square.

    The first thing the new owners did was cut the tree down so that the removal van had room to back up to the front door.



  2. wendy writes:

    Madness. I hope mine likes it’s position enough to settle and grow, and that I get to live here long enough to see it reach 10 ft.



  3. kevin writes:

    They’re surprisingly quick growers, thank heaven!



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