from 09 to 10

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List-i-ness abounds.

Highlights of 09:

Lowlights of 09:

  • Just a bit  Brrrrrr in the house on cold days
  • Some of  my guests have to sit on stools at parties…
  • Someone broke into the Wendy House!
  • Matrix starting to get extreme  old-cat wobbliness
  • Sampo’s new nickname is ‘the pumpkin’
  • Never got around to blogging on the books I’d read

New year resolutions for 2010:

  • replace the wendy house front room  gas fire with  a wood (pellet) burning stove  that will reduce my carbon footprint and increase the wendy house warmth and energy efficiency
  • buy a Lloyd Loom sofa
  • arrange a diet for Sampo
  • do more  health related  non-profit work

These are possibilities rather than commitments…

  • replace wendy house original 1840’s slate roof with felt-lined, insulated slate roof
  • tile the kitchen and refit the kitchen worksurfaces
  • design a garden mosaic based on the tree of life
  • enroll as a student on a counselling course
from 09 to 10
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4 bits of lovely banter on “from 09 to 10”

  1. Sarah writes:

    Happy New Year Wendy! We really must get together before February…



  2. Scarlet writes:

    All the best for 2010!!! But once you get a woodburner you may never want to go out ever again!



  3. kevin writes:

    Good luck with it all, Wendy. Have a good ‘un



  4. Bux writes:

    Happy New Year Wendy, the blogs along the way should be interesting reading!

    Awww Lloyd Loom, my parents own a small LL cabinet and have had it as long as I can remember – it’s been painted many shades over the years and always reminds me of home. Hope you get your sofa….you must post a pic on the blog!

    B x



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