frozen flaps

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My fluffballs are indoor kitties with their own kitty-litter box.

Many british cats are outdoor-indoor cats with their own ‘cat-flap’ in the household door, window or wall.

Cedar in cemeteryHow does such deep and freezing snow affect outdoor cats?   How do they get through a cat-flap that is below snow level?   Even if their human digs out the snow by the flap where do they make the cat pathway go?   Cats like to bury their doings, how do they do this when the earth and snow is frozen?

I’m concerned for the many  cats that do their doings outside.   It’s not made national news yet but  given cat ownership in this country it is a pending disaster.    Worse, on a personal level  I’m running low on my supply of kitty-litter.

What to do with indoor kitties that need doings doing and no litter for doing it in?

(obligatory local snow scene picture)
frozen flaps
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2 bits of lovely banter on “frozen flaps”

  1. hampshireflyer writes:

    They put their heads out of the cat-flap very



    And then they rush out, do what they need to do, dash back in, huddle underneath the radiator and look at you as if it’s your fault.



  2. wendy writes:

    OH! I SOOOOOOOO KNOW that under the radiator looking up at you as if you are evil look. Cunning.



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