burst mains

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A trickle of water from the cold water tap.

Less that a trickle from the hot water tap,

Not enough flow to ignite the combi-bolier heating.   Brrrr…

I made a cup of tea,   inspecting all visible pipes in the house and the stop-cock that supplies water to the house.

All were well.

Watermains Burst

Thames Water website show a daily list of major water mains leaks and areas they affect.   There is a leak nearby, but it shouldn’t be affecting my home.   There is a note that they are having difficulty getting to burst water mains  and that the phones are very busy.   I should be  patient.

I coat, boot and glove-up.   Then carry  my spade through the ice and snow covered garden.

Viburnum Tinus wieghed downThe garden water tap is frozen. I can’t turn it. No sign of a leak.   I get to the roadside and dig out my water valve and check the meter.   It’s not ticking over.   No water coming onto my property.   Phew, no leak on my property means I dont have to call out a plumber on my expense.   Inconvenience rather than inconvenience and financial burden.   Phew.

The neighbors have no water at all.    I offer them use of my trickle to fill their kettle for tea.   We watch as a child hikes by with 4 large bottles of water.   A man walks by and asks if we have water,   we tell him no and he is pleased.   He’s just visited his lonely frightened mother, he goes back to reasure her that its the water mains.

Plenty of white snow around for creating untreated water.  I’m not going to die of thirst in the near future or run out of Tea

I wonder if snow is full of chemicals or fresh enough to drink as it once was.  Luckily I haven’t had to find out – yet.

The trickle from my tap filled some bottles for tea and the bath to flush the toilet.

burst mains
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6 bits of lovely banter on “burst mains”

  1. Happy Frog writes:

    Nightmare! Time for an ale or two I think. 🙂



  2. wendy writes:

    All right now, dug out the pavement, had steamt bath and I’m going to hike into town in search of stocks of kitty litter and an ALE or 2 HOORAH!



  3. Scarlet writes:

    Use the snow to flush the toilet.
    Worryingly, the temperature here dippied to -15 the other night I haven’t seen any sparrows since. It’s very quiet out there.



  4. kevin writes:

    I’ve struck lucky so far, touch wood, only having had to defrost the kitchen outlet pipe.

    You may have to get a barrel of small beer in, just in case of a relapse.



  5. wendy writes:

    At the ale house I discovered:

    1) In the UK Ale was brewed to be weak and drunk more than water because pure water was often polutted and the Ale making process was a way of purifying the water.

    2) If a 46 yr old woman (ME!) sits in the window of the riverside pub and waves at people walking by on the other side of the river – they wave back. Hoorah! friendly people in Reading

    3) There isn’t a full bus service running in Reading. For example route 5 can’t get up some hills.

    4) I have fabulous friends in Reading who enjoy meeting up in the pub and spending an afternoon chatting about slightly surreal things and waving at people walking by. My kind of people!



  6. wendy writes:

    Scarlet, hope the sparrows are ok. it all sounds a bit ominous.

    Kevin, I will need to get a sledge and a team of huskies to achieve that rather pleasing goal. I’m regretting selling my cross-country ski’s when I left Seattle..



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