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Ashley F Harrold Lesley Saunders reading her work
Ashley F Harrold and guest  Lesley Saunders reading at Reading’s poetry cafe.  

In May one of my most-favourite poets, if I am  allowed more than one favourite, Brian Patten, will be the guest.     That’s as exciting as the delivery of dry chopped wood to a house heated by a wood-burner during a cold-snap when the current supply of wood has run-out.

There appears to be an ongoing controversey about the  labelling and meaning of the sections. These sections, bits,  stages,  modes, are referred to as ‘halves’ by the young bearded Mr. Harrold.   This controversey is revisited at the begining of each cafe meeting to ensure the audience is not suprised by the unexpected onset of an interval or ‘half’.

Many locals take part in open Mic’ sections.   That’s not open micky-taking it’s open-microphone in trendy shorthand.    I’m beginning to recognise some of the open mic  regulars,   especially those who’s work I like.  

In 2004 Ashley  said:

Most of the open mic poets we have are pretty good, I think they must put something in the water in Reading as we always have a decent quality, compared with other open mics elsewhere in the country, which is heartening and inexplicable.”


reading at Reading
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3 bits of lovely banter on “reading at Reading”

  1. Bux writes:

    OMG Wendy!!!!!!!!! Brian Patten!!!!!!!!!! He’s my one concession to hero worship, I fell in love with his work in the 80’s and have spent the last 2 decades converting all my friends. OMG…I sooo wish I was in Reading for the reading. Enjoy it and think of old Bux, stuck in Scandy, miles away from the marvellous BP and his superb poetry (that rhymed!)

    Bux *green with envy*



  2. Happy Frog writes:

    So enjoyed last Friday and really looking forward to the next one. 🙂



  3. wendy writes:

    Bux we will think of you and Happy frog will lead a cheery toast to absent green friends. When you next come to the UK we should meet up at the poetry cafe where you can use the open Mic….



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