Database access story this weekend


Update nightmares (ongoing) will be reported in this thread. 

I should have known I would feel impelled to publish my experience of the (cough) service…

First I tried simplifying things by cutting  my web-hosting company out of the communication loop because they literally can’t help as they sell services and that are all separately password protected – know nothing of each other.  This means I have to work out exactly who provides what and what they can support me with. 

I tried directly using the UI of the company that hosts the databases (Starfieldtech) because the problem appears to be moving the contents from my ‘old’ (V4 sql database) to my new (V5 sql database) – essentially the ‘back-up’ and ‘restore’ UI settings in my webhost’s (GoDaddy) environment did not work – system feedback said they did work – in reality they failed. 

I’ve tried ‘export’ and ‘import’ in the database services (Starfieldtech UI) – but that hasn’t worked either.  It did give me feedback that the new database-user did not have permission to access the the V4 database (pressumably username and password).

Next I tried creating a 3rd database with the same username and password as the V4 database that contains my blog history.  BUT, the ‘username’ already exists so I cant create another database with the same username.

Next I looked for a way to add the user(name) for my archive database to my new database – no obivous way to do this.

Next I wrote to GoDaddy and to Starfieldtech explaining my goal and understanding of the problem then pleading for thier help. 

This could be the time that I change providers to a local UK hosting service – if they can set-up my blog database then I’ll switch my hosting. For now after 3 hours I’m taking a well deserved curry and rest break…..

Database access story this weekend
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