too hot to be fabulously british

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spotty dog: Nice jacket, Jack Wills?
wendy: yes, when I got back from the US I felt an overwhelming need to wear something fabulously british, this looked like a boating jacket
spotty dog: but you haven’t worn it since we arrived
wendy: its too hot in Italy, I’ll be fabulously British when we get back home


too hot to be fabulously british
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2 bits of lovely banter on “too hot to be fabulously british”

  1. Bux writes:

    Fabulous pic…the walls match the jacket (or vice versa)




  2. wendy writes:

    thanks Bux, the whole store is ‘branded’ extremely well, products, decor and staff. All the male staff looked like Dr who (Matt Smith) without the bow tie, and were very helpful. Shopping there was a very enjoyable experience but it really does blow a hole in your pocket.



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