good-taste-dar out of kilter

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I wore a pinky-frilly-ickiest-ever-blouse

positively ICK-ICK-ICKY x 700

a bile-in-the-mouth inducing quotient of 78.35% 

and yet

strangers in the street smiled and said things like 

 nice blouse love. My favourite colour

They sounded so genuine.  My sarcasm detector could be failing its annual service test.  Even people at work commented on how good I looked in this lovelly (cough) blouse

Noone said  ‘wendy, that blouse really isnt you’ or ‘WHAT were you thinking of when you put that on?’

 There is deifintiely a conspiracy to pressure wendy’s into wearing the ickiest of blouses

I will resist

good-taste-dar out of kilter
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3 bits of lovely banter on “good-taste-dar out of kilter”

  1. Madame Defarge writes:

    We are all such liars. Love the buttons.



  2. Kevin writes:

    It suits your colouring



  3. wendy writes:

    Mme Defarge, how clever of you to spot the design feature that lured me into buying this blouse, popping the sturdy poppers is indeed a fun game with a pleasing noise.
    Kevin, I trt not to gt a tan and clash with my wardrobe, but often I fail and turn a shade of orange that makes blue the colour to wear…



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