death of a camera

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The first time I thought about replacing the EX s770 was a couple of years ago when I noticed a lense defact placing a smudge on all of my photographs.  Since my photographs are more about the gist of the story than the perfrection of the detail, I tolerated the slight blur. 

The next blow was not so easy to absorb.

While on holiday in Turin the camera decided it would only take effective pictures if I used the zoom – a little bit – not a lot.  A sadly high proportion of my Italian holiday was spent zooming the camera then walking further away from things to get a better picture frame.  The camera joined me in July 2006. Four years of taking daily photographs, jiggling round in pockets and bags, is darn good performance. But. Aaaaarggghhhh, this could not go on.

This is a picture taken with no zoom:

This is the same scene after I’ve stepped back, zoomed the camera, and a lady has stepped into the gap between to leave a prayer:

The new camera, casio EX fs10, will not improve my photgraphic skills, it will help tell stories more effectively than the now defunked EX s770.  It also has some slow motion panning functionality that I accidentally used and is frightening geek-lovingly-cool but irrelevant to life as I know it. Sigh. 


death of a camera
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2 bits of lovely banter on “death of a camera”

  1. Kevin writes:

    Just last Friday I almost bought a new camera, but ended up buying a new lens instead. It turned out that a fault on the autofocus on the old lens interfered with the camera’s battery sensors, which meant I was going through very expensive Canon batteries at a mad rate for no good reason.



  2. Happy Frog and I writes:

    I love the photo you took with with the lady in. It tells much more of a story and is really beautiful. Good luck with the new camera!



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