drivers for change

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To celebrate a year of togetherness with Thomas, Excel has reviewed the financial side of our relationship.  This is what Excel says:. 

  • £350.00 (approx) Fully comp insurance with lots of nice stuff
  • £35.00 (approx) annual MOT
  • £33.00 (approx) annual road tax
  • £350.00 (approx) Service costs for a car with over 80K milage
  • £830.53 (exact) Diesel costs

This is less than the annual financial cost of commuting to and from work using public transport and on foot.  At a non financial level Thomas cuts 2 hours a day from that commute time, an uncomfortable journey, no seats, 2 changes that involve standing outside and jostling to get a place on the next stage of the journey. 

Changing my commute will be a core driver for changing my job…

drivers for change
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3 bits of lovely banter on “drivers for change”

  1. Daniel writes:

    Excel forgot, interest and deprecation (in price) the two major costs of car.

    I see you are not economist :(=

    But of course it is worth the cost, you live just one time…



  2. wendy writes:

    Daniel – please check the comment rule that cites irritating pedantry.

    This is annual costs after purchase, framed by outgoings and income within a year. There are not interest payments and depreciation acts on the purchase-price which only has a real impact on annual income if you plan to sell the car.



  3. Daniel writes:

    Sorry, I will try to become more law-abiding citizen of the blog from now on.



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