smell the colours

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 lover: you’re a very visual person

wendy: I’ve got two eyes and I like to keep them peeled lest I start to loose things and fall over more than normal

lover: no, i mean you like to make love in the daylight, outdoors

wendy: that”s so much more than visual. Thats the breeze drying the sweat on your back, smell of the dew on the grass and the leaf mulch in your hair, the shiver from the scatchy snow on your buttocks.  That’s not just visual, that’s living.

lover: that will take me a while to get used to

But he never got the chance to ‘get used to it’ because I wasn’t patient enough to be waiting for someone in their 40’s to learn how to make love out from under cover of darkness, sheets and comfort of artificially sprung surfaces.  There are times when throwing caution to the evening breeze is exhillerating and worthy of a plunge

smell the colours
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2 bits of lovely banter on “smell the colours”

  1. aleekwrites writes:

    Definitely. The “so much more” that is beyond reserved categorisation is the living.

    And it’s so much better than the ordinary way.

    And so much better = so much sexier.

    It’s a beautiful, poetic post, too. I smiled.



    wendy writes

    thank you allekwrites. Good to know I made someone smile 🙂



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