sufficient conformity

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Everywhere there are uniforms. Uniforms for

  • Empowered girliness – high heels, short skirt, proudly displayed cleavage
  • IT safe corporateness – khaki cargo pants, branded baggy t-shirt
  • London tube commuter – black and grey tailored and ironed outfits
  • Healthy person – fleece, neoprene, goretex jackets and bouncy footwear
  • Cyclist – lycra overdose, wrap-around glasses, go-faster helmet
  • …..

Prep School UniformThere’s rarely an instruction manual for these uniforms. Working out what’s best is all too much for me. I’ve jumped ship and tend to opt for wearing comfortable clothes that make a token gesture towards the uniforms. Not excelling in displaying any 0ne unifrom, but partially there with all that needs to be conformed-to for social acceptability.

On a good day I’m slightly quirky. More often I exist somewhere in everyone’s experience of visually bland stylessness. 

Apart from my hats.

sufficient conformity
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2 bits of lovely banter on “sufficient conformity”

  1. Happy Frog and I writes:

    I think your being too hard on yourself. I was at a wedding on Saturday and one of my cousins was asking after you. He described the outfit you were wearing on the Dr Who tour, very cool! You’ve taken me back there with the photo though. I actually went to a St Joseph’s Convent. Scary uniform, very scary!



    wendy writes

    🙂 happy wedding and anniversary,
    now I’m trying not imagine you in a cute kilt and red cardigan…
    My outfit for the Dr. Who tour was an exceptioh, a deliberate step outside of bland. Stripey thigh-length socks with cargo shorts and desert boots are bound to be both noticed and memorable.



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