mobilising immobilisation

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My journey to Paris today was all a bit exciting

electronic checkin:  we cannot check you in please go to an Air France Desk

Air France desk: are you on one of the plane’s that’s been cancelled?

Apparantly I was. Luckily they got me on another flight in the emergency exit seat with more leg room than I could reasonably justify even when waggling my skinny legs around enthusiastically.

only big trains from now onAt Charles De Gaulle airport the first train wasn’t going exactly where I wanted to go.  What the heck,  I got on with the intention of changing when the routes differed. This tactic got me where I needed to be in time.

I did notice the signs on some platform,  information signs, saying no trains….   …I managed to get where I needed to be without realising that Paris had been immobilised by industrial action

mobilising immobilisation
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2 bits of lovely banter on “mobilising immobilisation”

  1. Raymond writes:

    It always cracks me up that “industrial action” means that nobody is doing work. Shouldn’t that be “industrial inaction”?



  2. Madame Defarge writes:

    Maybe Paris always looks like it’s on strike. Enjoy the trip.



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