please welcome the cupboard

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my new cupboardNeverland has retired. Hardware failure due to wear and tear. She will be donating her organs to my home network. Screwdrivers at the ready!

Please welcome Neverland’s replacement, Cupboard. Neverland was a top of the range Sony Viao TT with fab processor, delicious styling, lightweight gorgeousness. She was yummy. Cupboard is a cheap Windows 7 starter Netbook, smaller and heavier than neverland.¬†Another Sony Viao, I’m a bit of a brand loyalist. Lets hope the cheaper hardware is more robust.

Differences I noticed before purchasing when I tried the Netbook in the Sony store:

  • More pushy – The key-push experience needs slightly more push, the keypad is not as sesnisitve. A subtle quality thing. More pressure is also needed on the ‘mouse’ keys.
  • Small but chunky– despite being smaller than the Viaio TT the Viao netbook is heavier and thicker.
  • Skinned windows XP – Windows 7 Starter looks like a visual treatment overlay on Windows XP. Yuck. That’s really ugly, like an old person dressing in clothes for a smaller teenage person.
  • Easy file transfer is possible.

So EXCITED about getting to use the CUPBOARD, what little suprises will she have IN STORE for me!

please welcome the cupboard
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3 bits of lovely banter on “please welcome the cupboard”

  1. Happy Frog and I writes:

    Welcome Cupboard, I hope you have as much fun helping out with the blog as Neverland did.

    What’s the battery life like? I’ve got my eyes on a netbook with (allegedly) 9 hours.



    wendy writes

    battery life depends so much on what device you are using, how bright you set your screen display and how big it is aswell as what you are doing that actually stating a life-length can be misleading. My 2 year old Windoes 7 IBM big thinkpad lasts over 5hrs with full screen brightness and in use all the time (internet pages changing and writing). I would expect that a netbook would actually last longer.



  2. Happy Frog and I writes:

    Cheers, that’s good to know. I’ve saved a lot of money in September so I shall do some shopping next weekend!



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