the good, the bad and the ugly

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Matrix and Neverland share a glass of wine with meHere we see Neverland having dinner with Matrix and I in a farmhouse style restaruant that tolerates ladies with laptops on their tables. That was


Once you’re up and running with your new, budget, computer, what do you do next? I change the desktop background to that gorgeous picture of Matrix.

When I used the fabulous easy transfer migration wizardy thing to move my files and preferred settings from Neverland, this desktop background picture didn’t move. For a fleeting second I thought this was odd but not a big problem because its so easy to pick a picture and I do enjoy picking and changing the picture.

Can you hear it coming? Can you?

Windows 7 starter does not let you change the desktop background !!!!


my new cupboardApparantly ‘Starter’ means we’ll take away the frivolous fun and your ability to personalise the desktop.  The available colour schemes for the desktop are the ‘Classic’ which mean make it look like Windows 2000 and the high-contrast schemes that make it easier for people with vision defects to use the computer. I can live without personalising the colour scheme but being forced to look at the windows logo on a blue background is a bad decision. Everyone I know enjoys chaning their deskop background.  At work they have to have dull corporate or business backgrounds, but on  their own machines and phone’s they can make it personal, put their own picture as a Background. Even cheap phones let you change the background picture, but not windows 7 starter. That was a big suprise and a major disappointment. It’s a mean not user-focussed decision, that’s just


the good, the bad and the ugly
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5 bits of lovely banter on “the good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. Chris writes:

    It’s a really stupid restriction, I agree – you may be interested in this, Wendy.



    wendy writes

    Wow thanks for being so helpful Chris! Makes me smile. I’m really quite shocked to discover from your link that not only have Microsoft removed the ability to change the desktop background but they’ve also actually referred directly to it in the End User License Agreement (EULA):
    You may not… …customize the desktop background;” (C:\Windows\System32\license.rtf; Paragraph 8 )

    This implies it is a strategic decision, that is, it would have been possible to build wallpaper change in, allow apps to wallpaper change but they decided not to allow it for some reason. Clearly it has nothing to do with good customer relationship or user experience.

    I’m not a PC and Windows 7 was not my idea.



  2. sarah writes:

    can you imagine apple releasing an iPad that wouldn’t let you change the background? There’d be uproar. Oh. Hang on. No. There’d be an App. Hmmmmm….



  3. Kevin writes:

    We have a corporate desktop imposed on our works PCs. It’s quite high in the list of Entirely Unnecessary Workplace Irritations That Undermine Staff Loyalty To The Organisation.



  4. wendy writes:

    Visual and app irony!



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