wilder google geese chasing

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Ho hum.

International rescue happens from my fabulous new Thunderbird 3.0 But, Alan, we have a problem. Almost all of the spam in the spam mail folder is from me, yes me! I’m spamming myself. Yet, my sent mail doesn’t contain the same messages. Odd. I searched the google support forums and help. I completed their multipoint point protection list at least 3 times, changed my password several times a day. Yet still I spammed myself.

Then eventually I found a knowledge base article that explained that spammers can ‘fake’ from addresses, that gmail can spot this and filter them to the spam folder. It suggested that these emails should be ignored. Three days of unnecessary angsting and password changing because the Google help and support arrangements are so difficult to navigate. Puh.

Alan, all Thunderbirds are GO!

wilder google geese chasing
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  1. Scarlet writes:

    I bet that nice Lesley Judd from Blue Peter never had these problems when she built Tracey Island.



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