reasonable matches


Search PhrasesGoogle analytics tells me the search phrases that have resulted in people opening a page in the wendy house. Do you think they were sated searchers?

Searches number 2, 10, 11, 13, and 15 were probably actually looking for my blog at Outstanding, I suspect they were happy searchers when they landed here

The other searches apppear to be a mix of  a childrens play toy, my blog-tags (Passport, Sylvac), or my blog posts (e.g. Breaking distances, Scaffolding font, Hardware malfunction). It’s less certain whether these searchers found what they wanted here.

Nonetheless, this looks like a reasonable match between searchers queries and blog content when searchers land here. More overlap match between search term and overall content than when I last looked in July 2006. I’m all in favour of reasonable matches

reasonable matches
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2 bits of lovely banter on “reasonable matches”

  1. Poochner writes:

    Seriously, when I first looked at the list I thought it said “dominatrix.” It made me wonder what Google knew that it was(not wasn’t) telling. I still had to look at it a couple of more times to see that other M.



    wendy writes

    I suspect I get some people here who have miss-typed or miss-spelt on that one….



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