‘peeling church bells

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Why I love England #15:  ‘peeling church bells

Seattle Sunday and Saturday felt interchangeable. The main percievable difference was that Saturday night heralded a sleep-in while Sunday night heralded the start of the working week. Saturday and Sunday were both filled with open, buzzing, malls, bowling alleys, ski-slopes and roads. Returning to England returned my beautiful Sundays.

English Sundays start well with a warm, naturally slow, awakening. Things just keep getting better from there. Whether sunshine, rain, fog, drizzle… going out in it or staying in, the choice is mine and the doing is free from shopping. Then comes the distant peal of church bells. Sunday gives time to be with beautiful people; to do nothing or something. Perhaps a spot of painting, a walk in the park, pull weeds from the garden, talk, listen.

On colder days a log fire fills the house with the gentle scent of warm woodsmoke, the clicking of the Stove as it warms, the sparking of logs and roaring of flames.  Lashings of tea, Sunday lunch followed by lashings more tea.

An evening amble to a pub quiz, real ale, laughter, debates and arguments in the company of friends.

Sunday draws to a close with me all wrapped up in sweet smell of fresh laundry and crisp, silence, of the white cotton sheets. They engulf me as I contentedly fall into deep sleep.

‘peeling church bells
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3 bits of lovely banter on “‘peeling church bells”

  1. Kevin writes:

    Sunday morning brings out the cultural differences between the English and the Americans. The idea of Englishmen spending most of the morning sitting at the dining table drinking tea and pretending to read the newspapers is a puzzle to some of my friends.



  2. Paul G. writes:

    This Sunday morning is starting with the mother, father and strangely attractive second-cousin of all hangovers…



  3. Poochner writes:

    This reminded me of the bells I heard when I was in school. The high school (about ages 13-18, not sure of the English equivalent) was next to a church which rang their bells for several minutes at noon every day, even on weekdays. It was wonderful (if your lunch that term happened to be at that time) to be outside in the school courtyard and listen to them.



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