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Recently I’ve moved home and contents insurance providers from, you guessed it, Natwest to the Building Society that provides my mortgage. This has increased my coverage, reduced my cost, but best of all I’ve had two fun phonecall with the insurance phone service people who were memorable as real people.

The first lady, Nicola, that produced the quote and posted the documentation told me all about how her cat’s tail set-off her neighbours motion-sensitive alarm. The nieghbour had adjusted the sensor to be above cat height without taking into account her cat’s unusually long tail. Excellent, I found out lots about her neighbour; the history of her doors, all stuff that I didn’t need to know that made me smile. It was wonderful, I didn’t feel like Nicola was getting through a required script as fast as possible to reach a quota. She gave me her name, extension phone number, and told me her working hours while reassuring me that anyone on the help line could help me.

The second chap I spoke to, Sam, after reading the documentation talked to me about his philosophy of life and how things have changed

10 years ago if you smiled at 10 people when you walk down the street, 8 of them would smile back. Nowadays only about 6 people will smile back. A smile doesn’t cost much and it comes back to you

Again, he seemed like he had the space to be himself, I didn’t feel rushed, we made progress but best of all the phone call was enjoyable.

real people
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  1. Madame Defarge writes:

    I recall speaking to someone in a mobile phone call centre and discovering that they were pals with my cousin. All very odd, but rather fun finding out. Makes such a difference to the call experience.



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