too beautiful for perfume

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The TV is brimming with commercials for perfume occassinaly pausing for a Drama show, Quiz show or the chat show that hangs on to the old school branding of  ‘the news’. The commercials all seem to contain

  • artistic images
  • scantily dressed young heathy people
  • shadows and strong directional lighting
  • swathes of chiffon
  • kissing and caresses
  • water
  • last scene including a bottle or a few spoken words, normally the name of the perfume spoken in a French accent

I’m looking forward to when someone innovative and brave steps away from the formula. Lets see some wrinklies wielding power-tools in a well lit garden shed.

Eaue de Woodshed‘ bought to you by the gardner and Black and Decker.

Hoorah, I’d consider dousing my skin in that!

too beautiful for perfume
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3 bits of lovely banter on “too beautiful for perfume”

  1. Will Watts writes:

    Cynisme. Un parfum de Laboratories Wendy.



  2. ExpatEgghead writes:

    I could do that. I have a mud shed smelling of slaked lime, earth and a tinge of petrol and white spirit. I’ll run your bath.



  3. Paul G. writes:

    Am secretly hoping for a bottle of Burt Reynolds’ Toupee from Lobotomy Garnier for Christmas.



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