getting to the truth

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Cosmetics MedicineTruth is Beauty” cites the advertising slogan on the cosmedicine website.

Do they mean 1 to 1 equivance?  – Truth quite literally is beauty , nothing else is beauty, only truth.

Or are they talking about Truth being a subset of Beauty? – all that is true is beautiful and some other things are beautiful too.

Probably the latter, nonetheless I became more than a bit confused by the company slogan and name. Can you become more truthful through liberal application of cosmedicine. Is cosmedicine, medicine, with a cosmetic effect. Is this cosmetic effect what is needed to obtain beauty, and therefore (possibly) truth?

Why isn’t the home office puchasing this in bulk and applying it to all convicted fraudsters?  It’s probably cheaper than housing them in the penal system.

getting to the truth
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2 bits of lovely banter on “getting to the truth”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Ha! They even do something called Honest Face Skin Tint…
    This is nonsense…. I want my beauty products to be big fat fibbers and tell the world that I look a mere 26.



  2. Brian writes:

    Or it could be that beauty is the truth and ugliness is a lie.

    I like the practical wisdom on their site: Of the many things you need more of in life, BS is not one of them.



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