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SheffieldTardisIn the cult BBC drama ‘Dr. Who’ the Dr travels in a time machine called the TARDIS (type 40) that uses a ‘chameleon circuit to change its outer visible form to fit with the local surroundings.

Unfortunately the chameleon circuit broke when the TARDIS was disguised as a 1950’s London blue Police box. They are essentially a mini police station for use by Police people, and members of the public can use them to (phone) call the police. Police boxes were first used in Albany NY (1877) soon after the telephone was invented! The first boxes in Britain were placed in Glasgow (1891).

By the time I was old enough to visit London (1970s) the London police boxes had long since been removed.

This green police box is alive today, in Sheffield!

Seeing this Box kept me happy for weeks, I hope the photograph does something pleasing for you too …

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3 bits of lovely banter on “TARDIS”

  1. JamesNT writes:

    Now this is nice! I’m very happy you found this, Wendy.

    In my recent travels I have been looking for bits of nostalgia in my home town and surrounding cities, as well (this getting closer to forty thing is affecting me). It’s nice to know that some of the old shops and buildings I used to frequent in the 80’s are still here and in business.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to nostalgia the UK has us Americans beat. Citizens and townships of the UK tend to, from what I can see, hold on to the better parts of the past a bit more than we do. We Americans tend to cut the rope a little faster than I like.





  2. Happy Frog and I writes:

    What a brilliant photo. As you know I adore Dr. Who but I have never seen a green police box before. Thanks for sharing this photo. 🙂



  3. Brian writes:

    That’s awesome, it does make me happy. I’m a latecomer to Dr. Who, the first Doctor I ever saw was Chris Eccleston. I knew those police boxes hadn’t been around for a while, and I thought it was cool that the TARDIS didn’t draw any suspicion from passers-by (at least in the episodes that I saw).

    The closest New York nostalgic equivalent I can think of is the Checker Cab.



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