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Specialist servicesMiss interpretting and spelling written words is one of my innate talents. Context, together with how the word sounds in my head normally helps me get things right

Sometimes I use the wrong context. Here in the fabulous Jackson’s I was thinking about ‘Austerity’ when I read this sign. I read Boys School Uniform Debt and assumed it was some form of financing offer to help parents avoid getting into dept when buying school uniforms for their boys.

It sounded plausible to me….

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4 bits of lovely banter on “uniform debt”

  1. Will Watts writes:

    Whereas I read it with ‘school’ as a verb ie ‘Boys train-or-teach uniform department’.

    That would be down to boys’ missing plural possessive apostrophe. I notice you instinctively correctly supply an apostrophe for fabulous Jackson’s, although on their website http://www.jacksonsofreading.co.uk they don’t. They must be institutionally anti-Truss*. Or perhaps they aren’t sure where to put it.

    *Lynne of that ilk, obviously.



    wendy writes

    Ah, so now I’ve learnt, learn’t, learned that capitalisation doesn’t obviate the requirement for apostrophes. This misconception must have been one of my creative constructions…. Luv that there schoolin’ your providing



  2. Jo writes:

    Very interesting point Wendy. I also do that, although my most common mistake is swapping the first letters of two words. Pretty clever in itself but certainly very funny. Happy New Year to you too. I should be around more this year, well it’s certainly my resolution for 2011. New blog going up shortly. x



  3. Rob Miles writes:

    I quite like this one that I found, no need to change any words though




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