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Two men from John Lewis’ electricals (JLE) arrived to take away my defuncted Indesit and replace it with a magnificent miele. Miele’s company slogan is ‘Forever Better’ they build products to last and provide better user experiences. They pass-on the cost of achieving this goal to their customers.  I’d rather not have to replace a washing machine several times in a decade. This machine should last me several decades. Awesome!

The men from JLE  looked at the old Indesit which came with the house 3 years ago. Audible tutting noises….

JLE: its not disconnected. We can’t do anything until its disconnected. I’ll go away and come back in 10 minutes, that should give you time to disconnect it

wendy: Oh, I thought you guys would do that as part of the removal and deliver

JLE: Oh no, that’s a whole different service, that’s installation, we haven’t been instructed to install your machine, you’ll have to do that

wendy: ashame, if the sales-process had offered me disconnection and installation I would probably have bought it

I pull the washing machine out from under the kitchen counter, turn the valves on the hot and cold water supplied to the off position, disconnect the supplies, remove the water-outlet pipe and unplug the machine from the power source. Easy. Didn’t need to pay someone to do that, I’m glad John Lewis’s didn’t sell me that service.

JLE: remember to remove the transport bars before you use it.  If you don’t remove the bars it will break the machine

wendy: transport bars? what are they, where are they? are there any instructions?

JLE: just read the manual miss, its all in the manual, do what it says in the manual

After loading the Indesit onto their trolley, both removal men washed thier hands it my fabulous butler sink. The transport bars hold the drum in place while the machine is being moved. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, within 5 minutes my Miele was connected to power, water supply, water removal pipe and ready to go.  Awesome.

The handbook had lots of user instructions

Did I read them? Did I?

Not yet

buying manufacturers ethos
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4 bits of lovely banter on “buying manufacturers ethos”

  1. baz writes:

    Sounds exactly like when I had my loft insulated. These two blokes came in, went upstairs to the hatch, looked at it, said “We’re gunna need a ladder!” (really!? lol) I said “I’ve got a loft ladder here look..” pointed to a loft ladder which was in perfect nick. “Nah! mate..” he said. “We’ll have to use our own, no offense, but we might fall off that one!” er.. ok then!! So off they go to get their ladder. Two minutes later they come back in with their own ladder – EXACTLY THE SAME AS MINE…



  2. Madame DeFarge writes:

    You obviously believe in deferred gratification if you haven’t read them yet. I’d spend some time looking at the pretty pictures.



  3. Happy Frog and I writes:

    Sounds like you are well and truly sorted, excellent stuff. Another of my friends is having to knock down a wall in order to get their new washing machine in as the old one has broken. Has got me thinking how big this new machine must be. Might have to go and check out that installation!



  4. Kevin writes:

    Reading the manual? Quite right, life’s too short…



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