beware the trees

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trees are evil

with this one comment you intrigued me and raised the possibility that you were ever so slightly on a planet very distant from planet wendy 

How does that work, how are trees evil?

Tree bridges road

With an earnest expression you explained how they obscured street-signs so that you missed your turning or got lost in unfamiliar areas. They dropped leaves on sidewalks making them unclean and more slippy than is acceptable. They harboured birds that could poop on you as you walked underneath.  As you started the litany of tree crimes I had to work to subdue my smiles. As the list grew and your earnestness was maintained I felt the need to defend the behaviours of the trees, but decided not to take a contrary position on a topic that clearly raised strong emotions.

Later that evening you mentioned your allegy to mud, dirt.  In the ensuing conversation I let a giggle slip through. Not good, from then on I became the accomplice of the evil conspiracy. You needed to aggressively eradicate me, like dirt. Luckily, you moved to California before I felt the full force of your hygiene enforcement

beware the trees
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2 bits of lovely banter on “beware the trees”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    It’s when they start following me down the road that I have a problem with them. People stare.



  2. ExpatEgghead writes:

    Tree crimes! Interesting. Will there be tree prisons? We could call them forests or woods where recidivist lumber endure their penance. Stern faced , more agile bushes might act as the guards. Perhaps extraordinary rendition for terrorist trees that repeatedly encourage pooping birds? I see a film and book forming in my head.



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