five word flash

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Police marksman arrived, we hid

flash fiction inspired by Ernest Hemmingway

While wandering through websites for writers I learned a lot about the writing community and a little about writing. I learned that:

  • when submitting stories to competitions it is considered a courtesy to submit them with 12 point font and double line spacing. No competitions provided guidance on the use of illustrations.
  • A short story is over 1,000 words. I’ve not yet found and upper limit but one site described a 7,000 word story as a short story
  • Flash fiction is normally used to describe stories from 5 to 500 words

Flash fiction is growing in popularity, blogging provides an excellent practice and publishing ground for Flash fiction writers. Several people wrote about how flash fiction is popular with readers because it fits with modern lifestyles. That’s right, blame the reader! We dont have the patience or time to read longer literary formats. Gosh, I hope that’s not happening, but if flash fictions encourages more reading that’s a good thing.

five word flash
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