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Laughter, giggles and general tripping-up on the walk from the car to the game park. Inside we solved clues to an adventure orienteering course. Pairs of other players were running around the park, swinging on ropes, swimming in mud, opening combination safes. Some teams were taking the game seriously, looking at their watches, calling out military paces and shouting at dawdlers. With your penguine walk and healthy disregard for any rules that destroy fun, I am in the best company.

The car wasn’t where I’d left it. The parking attendant explained it was parked illegally because that spot was reserved for the owner’s grandmother. A grandmother that didn’t have a car, drive, or ever visit the game park. Reassuringly he told me the car was still nearby. Pointing towards an ancient Hawthorn hedgerow

We dismantled it, bagged it, and put it out of the way in the hedge

Dismantled? Surely I hadn’t heard that right. A huge canvas black bag in the hedgerow contained a jumble of car parts. Clunking and clinking. Luckily, I realised I was dreaming. The shock of seeing Thomas’s lovely alloys unceremoniously chucked, jolted me to half-consciousness. Lucid dreaming, keeping me in fantasy land, heading off nightmares. A confident young lady appeared beside me

Your car?

Well, it was

Thomas V2Just saying the words welled tears

Don’t worry, the parking attendant does this a lot, I know someone who’ll put it right

With cheerful banter, in the sort of instant that only happens in dreams and movies, Thomas was reconstructed and shinier than ever.

Lucid dreaming and the generosity of strangers, saves the night before the dawn wakes me!

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  1. Scarlet writes:

    Those kind of dreams are the best to wake up from.



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