emergency calligraphy

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While I’m contemplating learning how to write properly with my new ink pen, I realise that it actually takes a lot of practice and dedication to build that kind of physical skill. Darn. You have to practice and get it wrong and try again and again and again, gradually getting better each time.

Apparantly, writing properly is called calligraphy. Fancy that! I do fancy that! But I suspect I’ll never get around to dedicated practice and improvement. There are possible short-cuts for people who want to have hand crafted beautiful writing without lots of practice. Heres’ one way – Scarlet Blue’s Calligraphy!

Peter Rabbit lives in The hole in Bunny lane!

For all my emergency calligraphy needs I’ll be calling on Scarlet Blue. Is this shameless promotion of a friends business? Yes of course it is! Telling the world about my talented friends is FUN! I’m hoping some talent will rub-off onto me with minimal practice, maybe not…Hahahahaaa!

emergency calligraphy
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2 bits of lovely banter on “emergency calligraphy”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Thank you, Wendy! I am always on hand to flash a set of dazzling nibs.



    wendy writes

    Oh! Errrrr! Mrs (or Ms, or possibly, though much less likely – Mr)



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