it’s behind you…

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Bath Theatre RoyalRichard Holland used my photograph of the Bath Theatre Royal to illustrate a ghost story. He’s a professional who has written 5 books, worked as an editor, met Michael Bentine and has a website for sharing ghost stories. How fabulous is that?! It’s really flattering to have someone else choose my picture for their website.

Evidently Bath Theatre Royal, where my family go for their annual dose of christmas pantomime, is ‘perhaps’ the most haunted theatre in Britain.

Ooooh, the ghost is behind you! No it isn’t……Oh yes it is….

it’s behind you…
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2 bits of lovely banter on “it’s behind you…”

  1. Richard Holland writes:

    Hi Wendy. Glad you weren’t offended by my piracy of your pic. I should perhaps point out that I’m not the fellow who’s met Michael Bentine, that was the author of the article on the Theatre Royal, John Stoker. I am a mere editor and haven’t moved in such exalted circles (is there a pun there?). By the way, the anti-spam word I got was ‘********’. Made me blush!



    wendy writes

    Editing, mere or not, fabulous skill, thanks for dropping by and making some corrections! 😉



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