institutional violence or a ticket to Kansas?

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Institutional ViolenceVisitors to earth from planet Wendy see the marketing of high healed shoes as institutionalised violence, targeting females. For some inexplicable reason hobbling, the risk of broken ankles, is an attractive female characteristic.

Women are the only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness.

Erica Jong

The majority of females are complicit in perpetuating this violence. Visitors from planet Wendy are baffled by this complicity. Visitors keep their befuddlement under their stylish hats lest they cause offense, identifying themselves as targets for the near ubiquitous, rigorous enforcement regime.

What shoes should I wear to demonstrate my lack of complicity without attracting non-compliance social penalties?  My tastes rarely coincide with high street fashion. My criteria for yesterday’s shoe purchase trip, in priority order, were

  • must not introduce a risk of bodily injury when walking – I can fall over without artificial aides.
  • comfortable – definitely bouncy soles and soft uppers
  • can be worn to walk 4 miles per day on sidewalks and in buildings
  • please or amuse members of the public, work colleagues and clients when I wear them to work
  • give the impression that I’ve dressed-up a bit for a trip to the Theatre, Garden or Dinner party
  • colour should sort-of go with some of the clothes I already own. A fairly open criteria favouring blue, black, grey, brown, white and orange.

ticket to KansasI’ve wanted a pair of red shiny, low-heal, soft soled shoes ever since I first read the Wizard of Oz. This pair of Kansas hoppers closed the deal in the time it took to try them on. I only visted 2 shops, RESULT!  All my criteria filled and MORE!

Waiting decades before finally meeting these shoes adds a special relish to our union

Unwrap the Edam, the cheese is on me!

institutional violence or a ticket to Kansas?
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3 bits of lovely banter on “institutional violence or a ticket to Kansas?”

  1. Dominic Cronin writes:

    I’ve noticed that among fashion victims, the height of heels seems to be increasing. You’re starting to see some spectacularly unstable varieties.



  2. Lucien Modo writes:


    I’m fond… maybe over fond of a hairy tweed suit together with a stout pair of brogues to carry the whole thing off; but it takes years of practice to be comfortable in such togs. Tweed can be very scratchy, and even a Cheaney brogue needs to be gently broken in if one wants to avoid blisters.
    I remember once in Edinburgh, I forget which street, when a fine pair of newish oxbloods brought up a blister on my heel the size of an egg yolk… if only I had the presence of mind to have blamed some section of society for my discomfort.
    Talking of the complicity some have with the evil that is the fashion industry; I was reading with incredulity bordering on apoplexy that Mrs V. Beckham walks out with a $19,000 bag on her shoulder… as the room and my newspaper came back into focus I read on to find the dizzy bint, whose column I was reading, marvel at Mrs B for her self-denial when a Birkin crocodile leather bag fetched in at only $37,000.
    I imagine those targeted for the near ubiquitous, rigorous enforcement of… dying of hunger, thirst, or the lack of vital dugs hobbling miles, even in high heels, for what that kind of money might provide.



  3. Lucien Modo writes:

    … it should of course read: – vital drugs. My error is purely Freudian.



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