road-crossing is an athletic skill

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This article published in the British Psychological Society’s Readers digest concludes that “Athletes are more skilled at crossing the road than non-athletes (when they can’t go backwards or sideways while crossing)

For me this article raised many more questions than it answered, for example

  • Will local councils be sending pedestrians on athletics courses to reduce road traffic accident rates?
  • Will crossing the road be introduced as a new Olympic sport?
  • Did being unable to go side-ways or backwards during the crossing give the athletes an unfair advantage?
  • Will road-crossing skills be used to identify the potential athletes of the future?
  • Who funded this research? Is this a good use of their money?


road-crossing is an athletic skill
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3 bits of lovely banter on “road-crossing is an athletic skill”

  1. Brian writes:

    Good thing the groups were matched in their video-game experience! I wonder how they measured that? Maybe that was part of the study too…



  2. nick writes:

    Clearly non-athletes should be banned from crossing the road on health and safety grounds, to avoid the increased risk of death and injury. Or alternatively athletes could give us a piggy-back.



  3. Andrew writes:

    for a training location in athletic road crossing if it does become an olympic sport, I recommend Hanoi.
    Alternatively, you can play “Spot the recently arrived western tourist”. They’re the ones glued to the side of the road at the zebra crossing, one foot on the white stripe painted on the road, waiting for the traffic to stop. It doesn’t stop, you just walk and trust that they’ll see you and will aim to miss. This is the same method used to cross any road there: regardless of traffic lights, crossing markings, time of day, or age of participants.



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